So. let me get this right. Friday night, at about 11:30 PM there is a fire that knocks out the electrical system in the building. In order to accomodate the participant Jewish tenants, emergency lighting is not available. NON jewish tenants open their hallway doors to find a pitch-black hallway. The observant Jews are… » 7/20/09 3:40pm 7/20/09 3:40pm

WTF? Really. someone is willing to compare ME, which was on the Win95 codebase with WinXP which was on the NT4 codebase?.. someone has been drinking. at least learn a tiny little bit about a OS before you post. I'm not a MS fanboy, I was using IRIX when y'all were on your first Fisher Price OS doing "The Cow goes… » 6/28/09 10:57pm 6/28/09 10:57pm

This has been rather standard SOP for me for a while. I keep al my docs on a Drobo as it is, and when certain unplanned occourences come along, like my job borrowing my monster home rig to render some sprint in-store ads, I just plugged the Drobo up to my laptop, remapped the My Docs to that drive letter, and went on… » 6/03/09 7:17am 6/03/09 7:17am

@the_sidewinder: actually the 5D is still holding up okay. amazing to me, seeing as the Canon body is what Canon bought from Minolta, they actually seem to have slipped a bit in certain areas, definitely not the improvement over my 4 year old camera that I would have expected... » 3/10/09 9:39pm 3/10/09 9:39pm